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Whether we are photographing a lavish wedding day or taking anniversary portraits,
it is most important to us that when all is said and done, we've made your lives better.
That we've allowed you to breathe a little easier. Made things a little more magical.

We believe that each couple we get to work with is one of a kind, and your experience with us should reflect that. Our goal is to always produce unique photographs that will serve as an heirloom for you and your families to enjoy for years to come. 

Our clients have come to expect us to skillfully utilize natural light to create a timeless, romantic, and soft quality to our images and we are known for our unique, inimitable ability to put our subjects at ease, pulling out their most authentic selves and documenting them as they really are together.

We specialize in engagement, elopement, and wedding photography, and only accept a limited number of portrait session each year in order to keep the experience as personal and detailed as possible. We pride ourselves on our unique and over the top customer care and we love the in-depth, personalized experience that we're able to give our clients throughout the entirety of our adventure with them - from the initial consultation to beyond the wedding day. 

the reviews

chrissy o'neill & co.

we are known for our unique, inimitable ability to put our subjects at ease, pulling out their most authentic selves and documenting them as they really are together.

Our Approach

I could not recommend Chrissy and Tim more. Having gotten married in the year 2020 (😅) I would not have been able to survive this time if it weren’t for them. Chrissy and Tim have such a gift of truly knowing the dynamics of who you (your significant other / family) are and then capturing that in their photos. The biggest added bonus is that Chrissy and Tim are incredible people in general. They are people you want involved in your milestones! The galleries (and there have been a few) are images I will treasure and pass down for generations.

tim and emilee

"images i will treasure and pass down for generations"

I had the pleasure of having Chrissy and her husband Tim photograph both our small COVID ceremony and our big wedding. We could not have chosen better! They were so wonderful to work with throughout the whole process. Chrissy was quick to respond whenever I contacted her, and she and Tim made everything run very smoothly the day of! Not only are they amazing photographers, but they helped me with so much on the wedding day (adjusting my veil, carrying my dress, wrangling the groomsmen)! My family cannot stop commenting on how beautiful the photos are. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

jake and kathryn

"so wonderful to work with throughout the whole process"

Chrissy and Tim thank you guys for the most magical day!!! From bringing us to the most beautiful sunrise spot, to capturing the pure joy of the best moment of my life, to making being in front of a camera so fun and easy! Wouldn't have wanted to create these lifelong memories with anyone else! Best team and husband and wife duo ever!! Your love for each other shines into your work and talent. Forever and ever will brag on Chrissy O'Neill & Co.

josh and nichola

"your love for each other shines into your work"

Chrissy and Tim were wonderful photographers! Due to a combination of pandemic and desired privacy, my partner and I eloped on our 20th anniversary. Our quiet backyard wedding was perfect and Chrissy and Tim captured the intimacy while making us and our officiant comfortable and relaxed. The pictures are beautiful, candid and natural looking.

Chrissy and Tim were consummate professionals, both responsive and flexible in planning and execution. They were so easy to work with, taking the lead but welcoming suggestions and input while also seeming like familiar friends. We imagine that private elopements present unique challenges to professional photographers and Chrissy and Tim were the perfect choice. Because we had no guests at our wedding, our family and friends were especially invested in our pictures, and they certainly did not disappoint. We are so lucky to have found Chrissy O'Neill and Co. and we highly recommend them for any venue, large or small!

marc and mariano

"captured the intimacy while making us comfortable and relaxed"

10/10. Chrissy and Tim were an absolute dream team to work with. They captured every moment of our special day so perfectly and we could not be happier with our wedding photography experience. They were extremely professional, organized, responsive and genuinely kind throughout our entire wedding planning process. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting them you can tell how passionate they are about their craft and their clients. Not mention how experienced and talented they are. We could not be more grateful for them!

seth and hannah

"chrissy and tim were an absolute dream to work with"

Look no further for a wedding photographer, and book Chrissy and Tim ASAP! My husband and I moved our wedding to Florida weeks before the date. After browsing online for photographers, I knew that I had found the right one the minute that I saw Chrissy's amazing pictures on her website. Thankfully, she was available! She was the first vendor I booked, and we could not have been happier with our choice. Chrissy was incredibly attentive leading up to our wedding date. By the time the day arrived, I felt like I already knew her. On the wedding day, both she and Tim were incredibly professional, prompt, prepared, kind, and relaxed. My husband and I, as well as our family and bridal party, felt at ease with them. Our photos are absolutely beautiful. We consistently get compliments on our photos, and we have already recommended Chrissy to quite a few people for their future weddings. We have only the highest praise for Chrissy and Tim. Chrissy and Tim are very special people, and, between their kindness and the beautiful work they produced, they helped to make our wedding day the magical and joyful day that it was. I will always cherish it and the memories that they helped to provide and make tangible.

alex and molly

"incredibly professional, prompt, prepared, kind, and relaxed"

Like many others, our wedding looked significantly different due to COVID-19. Although we already had Chrissy and Tim booked for our special day, when the pandemic hit in all honesty - I was a bit of a mess. Chrissy was so kind, supportive, and kept reassuring us that they would have our back how ever and where ever this wedding took place. I can assure you, they absolutely did! Our wedding day simply would NOT have looked the same without them! Chrissy and Tim exceeded every expectation and captured every moment with such ease. They were a DREAM to work with. We shared so many laughs and I’m honored to now call them friends! The hubs & I are on month 3 of marriage and still SPEECHLESS as we continue to look through our wedding photos. They are without a doubt the only photographers we recommend for your special day! We will forever be endlessly THANKFUL for who you guys are and the amazing moments we can now hold onto for a life time. We love you so much!

dijoun and gabriella


Amidst the chaos of planning a wedding, and then having it all change last minute, Chrissy and Tim were completely reliable, supportive, and intentional about checking in with us as people. I couldn't imagine our day without them. From the start, when they took our engagement photos, we knew that Chrissy and Tim were our people! Their passion for the work shines through but more than that, it was really important for us to work with good people who we could trust and who we knew would add to the overall feeling of warmth and happiness on our special day. Needless to say, we found them! Not only are Chrissy and Tim caring and talented, they are professional and organized. They provided us with guidance each step of the way and were always there to answer questions and offer suggestions. They went above and beyond. I cannot wait to print photos from our gallery and hang them in our home. I can honestly say that they fully captured the spirit of us and our love, and when I look at the photos it's as if I can feel the joy coming through the lens... we are so grateful. Since our wedding plans changed, we will be doing a vow renewal next year and are already excited to have Chrissy and Tim join us again! Look no further... you will be so happy with your photos, you will have peace of mind no matter the event, and you're likely to make some great friends in the process!

matt and francesca

"completely reliable, supportive, and intentional"

Chrissy and Tim perfectly crystallized each of our precious memories in the most exquisite way possible and we will always be grateful to them. Their work is art, the very essence of their creative passion, and they fully understand and value the clients' stake in the product. The photos from our engagement shoot and wedding adorn the walls of our home and the homes of our family members, and we could not be more pleased. Chrissy O'Neill & Co. has a truly unique style and demeanor that we could not find anywhere else.

Almost more importantly, Chrissy and Tim are the most incredible team and our experience in working with them was truly a highlight of our engagement and wedding. They perfectly balance professionalism with playfulness, to put you at ease in front of the camera and guide you in planning for sometimes daunting details. 

As if their impeccable style and good vibes weren't enough, their business practices were clearly built over years of fine-tuning. As a bride, it can be intimidating when vendors expect you to know what you want, but Chrissy O'Neill & Co. worked with us from day one, through calls and emails, to build a vision for our engagement shoot and wedding photos. Plus, they provided helpful resources, such as a questionnaire and photoshoot outfit inspiration. 

Chrissy and Tim -- we cannot thank you enough. For everybody else, we cannot recommend them emphatically enough!

trace and alison

"their work is art"

My husband and I were amazed by both Tim and Chrissy's knowledge and passion for photography. They really know their stuff! With Tim and Chrissy we both felt so comfortable and had a blast! They made us feel beautiful and helped us to enjoy the moments, while still perfectly posing us. Not only were they fun to work with, but they seriously took the most gorgeous photos! I am beyond amazed and cannot say enough good things about them!

chris and sam


Chrissy and her husband were absolutely wonderful to work with! When our original wedding was cancelled last minute at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Chrissy stepped in with only a couple days notice. With only had a couple days to completely replan our wedding, it was such a joy to have someone there for us who was so flexible and accommodating to our situation. Since we were essentially eloping at that point, her and her husband went above and beyond to help us get all of the photographs we had anticipated when we had planned our original wedding. They made us feel so comfortable (and beautiful!!) during a very chaotic day, and the photographs came out absolutely stunning! <3

lorenzo and amber

"they made us feel so comfortable (and beautiful!)"

If you want someone who really cares about you, what you want, and someone to make you feel all around comfortable while taking photos, Chrissy & Tim are your people. My husband and I are so in love with our wedding photos. They were taken, edited and sent in less than a month! They worked day and night so they could gift them to us on Valentine's Day. Best gift ever! They take the most breathtaking photos you will ever see. They are so good at their job and it shows through the pictures. Tim & Chrissy are just overall amazing people that do amazing work. They make sure you're comfortable in front of the camera, Chrissy turns into a stylist, and you can just really tell how much they love their job. If we were to do this whole experience all over again, you better believe we would 1000% still pick these wonderful people to do our photos. We feel like we gained 2 new friends after this whole experience. Thank you so much Tim & Chrissy for being so amazing! 

dan and crystal

"you can just really tell how much they love their job"

Chrissy O’Neill is so talented! She captures moments in stunning ways with her ability to see beyond predictable angles and her use of natural lighting to enhance each photo’s individual beauty. She instantly made me feel so comfortable during my boudoir shoot, and she was a dream to worth with from start to finish. It’s important to note how at ease I was with Chrissy, because the photos show it! The energy Chrissy exudes and direction she gives removes the pressure around producing the perfect photos, and the results are even more spectacular than I could have ever imagined! I cannot wait to book Chrissy again and again for all our special moments! She is a gem, my only regret is not discovering her sooner!

todd and cara


Last year I had my first baby, Charlee Lynn. She brought so much joy and happiness to our lives, I can't even say the amount. BUT with all of the changes in my body, it has been hard to feel beautiful, especially if I'm not actively paying attention to every move I make. Being a photographer, of course I need family photos for Christmas! But being behind the camera is definitely my favorite place to be.
Chrissy and Tim not only posed us in natural ways, found great light, were creative, captured our love for each other, were amazingly sweet with Charlee, but we also had such a fun time with them!! They are both incredibly kind, gentle, and sweet people. We felt ourselves wanting to linger around just so we could hang out with them longer.
When we got the pictures back (so fast) I couldn't believe it.. I felt beautiful. There isn't one single photo that they sent that I don't 100% love. I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life and I can't wait to have our portraits taken by them again in the very near future. Chrissy and Tim are rockstars. Anyone would be lucky to call them their photographers for any and all occasions.

david and tiffany

"i felt beautiful."

Chrissy & Tim are amazing! I have too many wonderful things to say about them! They played such a huge part in making my wedding day a dream come true. Their love for each other spills over into their work, and everything they do is fueled with love. Each one of the pictures they took are so breathtakingly beautiful that I have trouble even pinpointing a favorite! I hope they will consider working with my husband and I for the rest of our special moments throughout our life together - I would want no one else to capture those memories on film! Thank you Chrissy and Tim, you two are the best.

michael and holli

"everything they do is fUEled with love"

I think my husband Josh would agree that Chrissy and Tim are the reason our wedding day was so beyond perfect. We eloped in Jupiter in March... I found Chrissy's website and it was so our style. We met them for drinks the night before to get to know them and we were immediately taken by their charm. They even guided us as to where to get married (Blowing Rocks). When we got our photos back, we were blown away. I still look through them one by one and still get goosies. They captured every moment and our love so beautifully. So natural and candid. Just amazing. We are so incredibly grateful that the stars lined up and we were connected with these two. 10 stars.

josh and hillary

"they captured every moment and our love so beautifully."

Your wedding day is supposed to be (one of) the greatest days of your life & I am so happy that I am able to relive mine through every single one of our beautiful photos. Chrissy & Tim are such a powerhouse, rockstar team. They are both so friendly, extremely professional & attentive to every detail. They put so much heart & passion into their work & it shows every time I look back at our wedding pictures. They understand the importance of capturing moments (even the small ones) in such a beautiful & natural way to help illustrate your love story. They take the time to get to know their clients & treat each session as if it were their own. You can tell that they really love what they do & it shows. They are everything you could ever ask for in photographers. They are extremely patient, so flexible & adapt well into whatever situation arises. 

mike and holly

"they have definitely started off our marriage on a high note"

For our engagement session in Charleston, my zipper on my dress broke immediately after we arrived at our venue. After trying to fix it & realizing it just was not going to work I was ready to call it quits.. Chrissy reassured me everything was going to be fine & that she had a dress back at her hotel that I would look beautiful in.. within 20 minutes we were back to shooting & I was wearing a dress that I loved even more than the first. For both of our engagement & wedding photos we got everything back so quickly with no loss of detail. Every picture that we have takes me back to the moment it was taken & I can honestly feel the same love & enjoyment I had the day of. By hiring this duo you get the best of both worlds.. some of your greatest memories preserved & lifelong friends that are like family. They have definitely started off our marriage on a high note & I am so excited to hire them in the future for more of our monumental moments in life to be captured perfectly.

mike and holly


My wife and I did a maternity shoot with Chrissy this week and I can't thank her enough. I'm not one to love being photographed, but Chrissy made it fun and easy! Thanks so much Chrissy!

brett and katie

"chrissy made it fun and easy"

Chrissy is the most amazing! THE MOST! I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my husband as a wedding gift, but wanted it to be modest (considering) and classy. Chrissy guided me to colors that would compliment my skin tones and be beautiful in photos. I am also just totally awkward and was worried I would look like a total weirdo trying to pose like a Victoria Secret model, but somehow Chrissy captured magic. I was so comfortable with her and lovedddd how all of the photos turned out. Cannot thank her enough for the gorgeous photos, and a forever friend!


"somehow chrissy captured magic"

I cannot say enough good things about Tim and Chrissy and the beautiful moments and memories they capture through their camera lenses. They have captured the biggest moments of our lives for the past 3 and a half years, and their photos are some of our most prized possessions because they are captured with such expertise and love for their clients. They make even the most camera-shy people feel comfortable in front of the camera and make your experience with them fun and stress-free. I highly recommend them to any and everyone!

josh and gabrielle

"their photos are some of our most prized possessions"

The Bride: I cannot say enough about this incredible duo. Chrissy and Tim took the time to meet with us before our big day to get to know us and our vision better. They went above and beyond on our big day(s) and I couldn't be happier with the results! They will no doubt be our go-to photographers from here on out.

The Groom: Chrissy and Tim made time to get to know my wife and I as our wedding approached. They became much more than just another wedding vendor. They became friends sharing in our big day. Friends who brought cameras and took incredible photos. Photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you!

tim and amanda

"they went above and beyond on our big day"

We booked Chrissy after a personal recommendation and reviewing her work online. I thought I was blown away then but it was nothing compared to receiving our Engagement pictures. It was the perfect session where we were able to get to know each other a little better and she made us feel completely at ease about all things wedding. Now fast forward to a little over a year later to our wedding. She started the day with my girls and I getting ready in our hotel and then headed over to the wedding site when we were finished getting ready. The pictures of my husband and his groomsman getting ready I will cherish forever. She made sure we got every picture we requested while letting us enjoy the entire day without having to worry about any photos. I honestly can't speak highly enough of Chrissy and her photography business.

casey and jessica

"she made us feel completely at ease"

If you are shopping around for a wedding/engagement photographer. Look no further. Seriously. Not only did Chrissy shoot my engagement, but also my wedding...The work that Chrissy does, speaks volumes in and of itself. As a photographer, She is amazing, involved, professional and becomes invested in your moments as if they were her own. I am lucky enough to now know her as a friend and I can say that she has the biggest heart and her passion for what she involves herself with, simply said, shines through. She somehow captures the subtle glances that are shared, the fun that our guests have and all of the many little and many BIG moments that I wanted to keep forever in my memories and with her amazing work, I can every time I look through my photos! 

jay and cassie

"invested in your moments as if they were her own"

Chrissy was our engagement and wedding photographer a little over five years ago. We fell in love with everything about her and how beautiful the pictures were! We then fell even more in love with all the breath-taking pictures since she and Tim have started shooting film. I couldn't resist and told her we were wanting to do 5 year anniversary pictures and they agreed! WE WERE SO EXCITED to have the opportunity to have pictures taken by them! We had the most incredible time catching up with Chrissy and meeting Tim. They made us feel like we have known them for years. I still can't get over how beautiful our pictures are, I'm telling you it was a dream. It was pouring when we arrived at the location but the sun came out and the pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined. We loved that we were never posed in awkward positions so our session was so natural and romantic. Chrissy and Tim are truly an amazing couple and you can just tell from the instant you meet them how much they love what they do and work together like a true team! HIGHLY recommend. You will fall in love with this couple and all of your pictures!

john and sidney




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THESE photos
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We want to tell your story as it really is. Unique, beautiful, perfectly imperfect, once in a lifetime love. By creating a more natural and romantic environment both during our portrait sessions and on the wedding day, we are able to see your love in a more authentic way and create images that truly reflect who you are, and the love you have together.

john and sidney

"our session was so natural & romantic."



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Special pricing available for weddings and portrait sessions depending on date and location.

Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire and receive a custom quote for your wedding day.
Special pricing available for weddings and portrait sessions depending on date and location.



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